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Freedom From Psychiatrists

Chemical drugs prescribed to victims all over the world with the promise to "treat mental illness", along with many psychiatrists, are the main cause of mental illnesses. Many psychiatrists are the number one abusers and stalkers of both completely healthy people and people with psychological or emotional distress.

Psychiatric drugs are the only group of medicines that lists amongst its main side-effects the same symptoms and pathologies that they promise to "cure" (and by the way, strictly speaking, because of their working principle they are just a "treatment" and not a definitive "cure").

Psychiatric crimes and abuses are illicitly justified by using autoreferential tactics and dogmatic arguments (with particular reference to speculations on the dogmatic concept of "insight"), pseudo-licit scientific fraud, arbitrary accusations and speculations (such as, for example, the malicious extremization of personality traits), the exploitation of tautologies and other fraudulent logic paradoxes.

The illicit instrumentalization of the concept of "insight" by many psychiatrists should be further analyzed in a context of logical reasoning: it's like saying "you are guilty and, if you plead not guilty, then you are even more guilty" ! The problem with such argument is that it is clearly extremely illogical and proves the highly dogmatic and autoreferential tactics used by many psychiatrists. A good example is probably given by the case of a criminal investigation or a judicial proceeding: the fact that a defendant pleads not guilty is not a proof that he or she is indeed guilty and should not influence the final outcome of the investigation or legal proceeding.

With the only exception of drugs used to treat cancer (for the obvious reason that they are intended to kill cancer cells), drugs prescribed to victims of psychiatrists are the most neuro-toxic and very often the most carcinogenic synthetic pharmaceuticals that have ever existed on the market (see, for example, the several studies on the promotion of breast cancer). Moreover such highly toxic and extremely dangerous chemicals are sometimes also very addictive, both physically (as in opioids) and psychologically (as in cannabis or gambling, for example). Last but not least, such toxic chemicals are capable of creating damages that can even be permanent to the plasticity of the neuro-transmission system and its autoregulation mechanisms (e.g. neuro-feedback).

Official statistics published by the European Union on the leading causes of death strongly confirm such complete nonsense: the leading cause of death is cancer (23%), while mental and behavioural disorders only account for a mere 4% of cases of death; moreover because psychiatric drugs also cause neurological diseases (which account to 4% of cases of death), their purpose as a medical treatment is completely defeated. Statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the leading causes of deaths confirm these findings in an even stronger manner, as mental and behavioural disorders account for no more than 1.6% of deaths. As a consequence, any organization that forces or even just incites individuals to use psychiatric drugs can only be a criminal organization.

For the few cases when there are no known carcinogenic effects, such as in the case of the latest generation of anti-depressants, it's impossible for an honest person not to mention the very high rate of suicides (concealed as "depression resurgency") resulting from the withdrawal symptoms of many Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI).

Also consider that, in most cases, if the victim does not promptly refuse the treatment and stop taking such highly toxic and very dangerous drugs, the resulting health damage can be worse than the damage caused by many illicit "recreational" drugs such as LSD or MDMA, for the very simple reason that many psychiatrists, backed by the pharmaceutical industry, will try to trick their victims into taking psychiatric drugs constantly over 24 hours and indefinitely, in order to maximize their illicit profits, while recreational drugs in many cases that I have witnessed during my life are only taken as an isolated and circumscribed experiment or occasionally (for example, when going to clubs) and for a very limited period of time (for example, during adolescence). Not coincidentally, MDMA used to be prescribed as a psychiatric drug and it was later taken off the market for its toxicity, in a perverse industrial lifecycle that is constantly being followed for obvious reasons by many other psychiatric drugs: it should never be forgotten that Sigmund Freud was just a cocaine addict and much of the popularity of its work is simply due to the fact that it was based on taboo topics such as sex, which is in turn very often exploited for fraudulent activities !

And beside the fact that Sigmund Freud was just a cocaine addict, I do not believe nowadays individuals in a world made of almost 200 very different countries and societies have ever explicitly undersigned at birth or at any other time during their life a contract that they would want to conform to the norms of the societies and times where Sigmund Freud was born and raised.

To be completely precise, if we consider the more recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) that was created in the United States of America by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) for their own objective of carrying out psychiatric diagnoses and even more importantly sustain certain national US levels of chemical industry growth targets, there is no proof that the whole world population of about 8 billions people born and raised in about other 200 very different countries and societies would ever want, need or benefit to conform to a manual for "services" that they have never requested during their lifetime. Perhaps, not even the whole US society and population would ever want, need or benefit from the imposition of such doctrine: see for example the case of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR).

Very importantly there has never been any "black-box" scientific evidence such as X-rays, Magnetic Resonance or Doppler Ultrasonography scan that has ever supported any diagnosis of psychiatric disease (so they are entirely arbitrary) and the only mind medicines are thinking, reasoning, meditating, resting, learning, adapting, changing and sometimes "taking time" !

Contrary to the myth and widespread bigotry, mental or emotional distress is not necessarily associated with violence or crime and the most powerful and trustworthy criminal profiling and crime solving techniques are not based on psychiatry, but only on psychology, sociology and sometimes financial investigations.

"It is true that expert psychiatric opinion contributes nothing to knowledge, but this is not what matters. Its essential role is to legitimize, in the form of scientific knowledge, the extension of punitive power to something that it is not a breach of the law." - Michel Foucault

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